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Our manufacturer has developed a new finishing method for the brass beads heads. the colours and shine are incredible. If you use bead heads on you patterns, these are a must try bead head. We have chosen three colours that fished well for us this year. We have fluo chartreuse, dark brown and tangerine. The fluo chartreuse and dark brown will be listed at a latter date. For now try these tangerine bead heads I guaranty you will love them and so will the fish. 

Please note: Do not use lacquer type head cement's or body coating's when using painted beads, the paint will come off. It is best to use instant Crazy Glue as it dries instantly and will not interfere with the bead paint.




Bead-Head Type
Bead Size
Hook Size
Sink Rate

Round Bead-Head

1.5 mm

20 - 22



5/64th - 2.0 mm

18 - 20

13.45 IPS


3/32nd - 2.3 mm

16 - 18

14.88 IPS


1/8th - 3.2 mm

12 - 14

15.79 IPS


5/32nd - 4.0 mm

8 - 10

18.29 IPS


3/16th - 4.8 mm

4 - 6

21.07 IPS


7/32nd - 5.5 mm

2 - 4

22.50 IPS


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