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Death Stone Fly

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Hook -- Togen black nickel size 2

Tail --    Wire 10 12 wraps -- color of choice.

Body --- Wire and clear vinyl rib or larva lace, wrapped side by side, forward - 3/4 way up the hook color is your choice, you can also use colored larva lace or vinyal rib, the key is to keep the wire next to the larva lace or rib, not on top.

Body: color thread to offset clear larva lace or vinyl rib, gives the body it's color.

Thorax: estaz

Fly was created by Vinny Dick Jr. to make salmon in the Salmon River, Pulaski, New york mad enough to strike. It was created to be simple, quick to tie and effective, the Togen hook adds to it's durability.

You can dress it up as much as you want to, or just keep it simple, as I have chosen to do. I have added legs, antennae and made this fly intricate, but last I checked a 15 - 30 pound King salmon is not counting legs or looking for a tail before he smashes it !!!!!