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Brian's Boogie Woogie Caddis

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Prod. Code: Boogi Woogie Caddis

 See instructions below pictures.

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materials togens scud hook size 8 or 10
uni thread 6/0 black
dyed pearl diamond briad fl. yellow or green
india hen neck
black dubbing of choice

step 1 starting at front of hook wrap thread base (notice the the stopping point will be just behind the barb of the hook point see picture 2)

step 2 return thread to front of hook and tie in pearl diamond braid and go back to the barb of the hook tying in securely

step 3 bring thread forward toward the 2/3 mark on the hook shank

step 4 wrap the diamond braid forward to the 2/3 mark

step 5 trim the excess diamond braid

step 6 select a feather from an india hen neck

step 7 preen the feathers back as shown in photo

step 8 next tie your feather in by the tip

step 9 make two wraps of your feather

step 10 moisten your finger tips and stroke any feather facing forward back toward the rear of the hook

step 11 now and your favorite black dubbing and dubb a small head ( remember when bubbing you only need a small amount)

step 12 whip finish and your fly is now finished