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Roberts Drake

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This one is not my origin or even one having any "adjustments" made by me. It is THE fly for general use when any pale-yellow bodied flies are on the water. It bears the name of Clarence Roberts, one of our old Conservation officers here in Northen Michigan. It may be a take-off on a fly sometimes called Madsen's hatching caddis, probably originated in the 1920's. At any rate, Clarence popularized it and it was in common use at least by the early 1950's.
Thread: yellow 6/0 or 3/0, depending on hook size
Hook: togens dry fly #10-18; togens nymph 2xl #6-10
Tail: pheasant tail fibers
Body: Light tan deer hair
Post: White deer hair
Hackle: brown or dark ginger
Wrap thread from the eye to the bend; tie in tail and take thread to the 2/3 forward position; attache deer hair for body with 2-3 tight wraps; spiral thread back over body to the bend; tighten with 2-3 wraps; spiral thread back to 2/3 position; tie in post, forcing thread back towards deer hair body butts; wrap thread up post making a pathway fro the hackle; attach hackle and wrap from top of thread pathway to the bottom; whip finish head. This fly in a variety of sizes is deadly in every pale-yellow bodied hatch from sulphurs to Hexagenia.
Regards, Tim