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Deadly Shiner

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 Submitted by Pro Staff Member Jim Slade.

Bill'S Bodi Braid coming soon to Togens.


Hook:Togen Streamer 3X or 4X # Size #6 - #16, Best on #8

Beads:Raymond Rumpf Tungsten Beads: Gold Fly Use: Gold Bead Silver Fly Use: Silver Bead Pearl Fly.
Use: Gold or Silver (Keep mylar same color as the bead) Copper Fly Use: Copper Bead with gold mylar body
Bead To Hook Size Table:

#6 use 3/16 Bead,
#8 use 5/32 Bead,
#1O - #12 use 1/8" Bead,
#14 - #16 use 3/32" Bead

Tail and Veil: Bills Body Braid in gold, silver, pearl or copper
Threads: Danville "A" fly master + unwaxed, Unithread 6/0 white,
Unithread 6/0 fire orange

Mylar: Gold/Silver #14 - #12
Red Krystal Flash

Adhesive:"Quick Tite" super glue


1. Open the gap so the point is down slightly (Not necessary).

2. After snapping on the tungsten bead, wrap Danvilles "A" unwaxed white thread behind the bead.

3. Whip finish & push into the bead to lock it in place tightly. Apply a little "Quick Tite" to the thread in the rear to bond it securely in place.

4. Tie in with white unithread 4 strands of Red Krystal flash extending 3/8" to l/2" past the bend of the hook.

5. Starting at the rear of the bead, tie in a doubled piece of Bills Body Braid and run down the hook shank to the rear. Place 2 strands on top, 2 strands on the left side, 2 strands on the right side.

Length is 1 1/2 times the hook shank extending past the bend of the hook. With a dubbing needle pick out the braid starting at the rear and working back to the hook, unstranding the braid for the tail.

6. Tie in #12 or #14 mylar behind the bead, wrapping it down to the rear and back up behind the bead. Place silver side up for silver fly, gold side up for gold fly (Ex: Gold body braid with gold sided mylar). Tie off white thread.

7. Start "Fire Orange" 6/0 uni thread behind the bead and tie in 1 strand of Bills Body Braid tip end to extend slightly longer than the hook. Fold over the remaining Braid & secure with 2-3 wraps. Trim the same length as first piece and slightly longer than the hook. Rotate the fly and repeat applying the veil of body braid totally around the hook, about 5 or 6 doubled sections around the fly body. Pick out the braid with a dubbing needle, dividing the braid into single fibers.

8. Build a collar behind the bead with "Fire Orange" 6/0 unithread, whip finish, and coat with head cement.




Here is what Jim had to say about this fly.

Hi Bill, I hope you are doing well and had a fabulous Holiday Season with your family. I have just found a material that is new to me, called Bills Bodi Braid and it is used tying many fresh and saltwater fly patterns and hoped that you may consider it to add to Togen’s product line. Dick Empie from Rhode Island is a great tyer and uses this in many of his saltwater pattern but I found it a real productive in competitive fishing. I have been using his Goldie, D.S. pattern, D.S. stand for deadly shiner and it is deadly. Last Sunday I caught and released 8 rainbows on the Swift River here in Massachusetts. The Swift is hammed by many fisherman and when I arrive there were about 12 guys fishing but not with any real positive results. I entered the river and casted the Goldie in and fish on….5 guys in sight of me came by to ask what I was using after I landed my 4th fish in just a little more than an hour. I hope you can locate this material and if you want I can furnish you with the tying instruction including illustrations for our website.

 Bill'S Bodi Braid coming soon to Togens.