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Small Bone Fish Fly

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 Hook: Mustad 34007 or equivalent, No. 2 to 4
Thread: Flat nylon
Body: Bill's Bodi-Braid or round body braid, pearl
Wing: Fluoro Fiber, lime green or light blue
Topping: Krystal Flash or Holo Chromosome Flash
Head Cement: Super Glue

Tying Instructions



Step 1: Wrap pearl flash body material around hook shank, starting near the bend and stopping just short of the eye. Round wrap produces a thicker body. If using flat wrap, build the body up with several layers.
Step 2: Begin forming the wing where the body material ends by tying in some lime-green or light-blue fine-fur material. I like Fluoro Fiber because it changes color slightly as the fly rolls, but any light hair-type material will work.
Step 3: Blend a few strands of Krystal Flash or Holo Chromosome Flash in pearl or a light-green tint into the wing. Keep the wing sparse and thin. Add eyes to the head with a fine-point black Sharpie and then coat with Super Glue.