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Bondito Bandit

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Thread: Danville’s Flat Waxed Nylon – White
Hook: TMC 811S, Daiichi 2546, Gamakatsu SC15, Mustad 34007, Mustad 7766, Partridge Sea Prince #1/0 - 2
Tail: 4 thin white saddle hackles
Body: Bill’s Bodi-Braid – Pearl
Belly & Wing: White bucktail – very sparse
Head: White thread – coated with epoxy
Gill: Red tying thread, or a single strand of red Krystal Flash
Eyes: Witchcraft 2mm – silver







Step One

bb-1.jpg (4980 bytes)

Tie on tying thread, and cover the entire hook shank with thread, then coat it with head cement. Tie on four thin white saddle hackles, tie them in short, the hackles only 1� x the length of the hook shank. Then put a drop of Dave’s Flexament right on the base of the saddle hackles. This makes them stiff, yet flexible, to prevent fouling. Allow the Flexament to dry completely before continuing to the next step.







Step Two

bb-2.jpg (4879 bytes)

With the tying thread between the hook point and barb, tie in a strip of pearl Bill’s Bodi-Braid. Cover the hook shank with Flexament, move the thread to the hook eye, and wrap the Bodi-Braid along the shank to the hook eye, and tie it off.






Step Three

bb-3.jpg (5518 bytes)

Tie in white bucktail, sparsely, for both the wing and the belly, and build the thread head of the fly.






Step Four

bb-4.jpg (5764 bytes)

Tie in a single strand of red Krystal Flash or red thread for gills, then make several wraps and tie it off. Attach silver 2mm eyes. Coat the entire head with epoxy.



Finished Pattern

bb-5.jpg (5305 bytes)