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Richard Bailey

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Richard Bailey, Kamloops, British Columbia

My background is that I am a senior fisheries biologist, with an MSc and almost 30years of experience working in the fisheries field. I am in my mid 50’s and have tied seriously since I was in my early 20's.  I started flyfishing at 10 years old, and have fished extensively in British Columbia for trout and salmon in freshwater and the marine environment.I also build 10-20 rods per year (fly and drift) as well as fly tying. Yes, I taught my son Colin (see next pro staff for Colin) to tie, however he is now the master as he ties around 100 dozen a year. For both of us, our passion is the lakes of the BC interior and dry line nymphing.  Chironomidsare our main focus, however we do dabble in mayflies and other nymphs when the trout go off chironomids (yes they do occasionally do that!). Our main focus is to effectively imitate the various stages of the chironomid life cycle and especially to mimic the gas that accumulates within emerging chironomid shucks without making the fly too shiny or fat. To that end, we put plenty of effort into photographing “pump samples” to better understand what we are imitating.