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  2. Biography:  I have been fly fishing since 1978. My father taught me.  I started tying flies in 1979.  I left home in 1980 and I marginally fished and tied until 2005.  After 2005 and living in central Florida, I purchased a kayak for fresh water fishing and renewed the hobby with vigor.  I started my own online fly store in 2009.  My target species are panfish (bluegill, red ear sunfish, and bream). Secondarily, I fish for specs in the spring and large mouth bass.  Most of what I tie and fish with are flies for larger sunfish and smaller, large mouth bass.  I try to keep the flies down in size that a 5wt or even 3wt rod can handle.  Tying these types of flies is what interested me with Togen hooks.  Your hooks sizes fit the species and sizes that I target.    Most of the time I fish lakes, but I do spend some time on creeks and rivers.  Nearly all of my fishing is done in central Florida. 
  3.  Other:  I teach the Fly Fishing Merit Badge to the Boy Scouts.