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I was born and raised in San Francisco, CA in 1947.  My fishing experiences consisted of Perch and eel fishing with my uncle and trout fishing at Lake Merced in S.F.  My dad took me on an occasional trip outside the bay for King Salmon.  I left the city and went to college first at Cal Poly, SLO then junior college at Diablo Valley College in Northern CA, where I played football and received a football scholarship to Arizona State University where I attended from ’67-’69.  After ASU I spent the next five years trying out for various professional football teams in the fall and winter months and spent the rest of the winter and parts of the summer in Vail, CO learning how to ski and fly fish.  That is where (in 1970) I was introduced to fly fishing (Tom Roshkind) on the Eagle river, 17 miles west of Vail, CO.  I then taught my dad how to fly fish and he was hooked too.  He started tying flies and making rods and taught me how to do both in the early 70’s.  We fished rivers in northern CA such as the Klamath, Eel, Smith, Feather, Sacramento, Gualala and many others.  Primarily our target was Steelhead, but there were many trout days.  I moved to Oahu, HI in 1974 where I met Mike Holtz (since has been a Captain of the Jun Ken Po out of Kona, HI where he resides) whom owned a 28’ Luhrs and had a commercial fishing license.  He would invite me to go out with him and taught me how to deep sea fish for Marlin, Ono, Mahi, Ahi and other tuna.  We had many good days with our biggest Marlin weighing in at over 500 lbs. (Tom Roshkind).  One day we had what is called a ‘clean sweep’.  That is when the boat lands every game fish in the Hawaiian waters.  I had a personal ‘clean sweep’ catching a 120 lb. Striped Marlin, 4 Mahi, 1 Ono (Wahoo) and many tuna that included Ahi, Kava Kava and Aku (we landed 55 fish that day).  Capt. Holtz said that that was the first individual sweep he knew of in over 30 years.  I moved back to Colorado in 1978 and worked in Denver and continued to fly fish in the Rockies.  I went on fishing trips with my father to West Yellowstone where we fished the Henry’s fork of the Snake River at Last Chance.  We hit the green drake hatch perfectly (on June 22) and I experienced possibly the best fly fishing day of my life.  We had a strike on every other cast for four hours!  The fish ranged in size from 1-5 lbs.  I hooked one Rainbow close to shore that my dad said was over 30” long.  Unfortunately, he broke me off.  I moved to Santa Barbara, CA where I started fishing more in the Pacific for Sheepshead, Calico Bass, White Sea Bass, Shark, Halibut and seasonal Chinook salmon.  I married and we had two wonderful boys, Colin and Nolan.  Their fishing began when we moved to Oregon.  A group of friends started to go to Cabo San Lucas, Baja, MX where we deep sea fished every October.  We put together a team and started fishing in the Bisbee Black and Blue Marlin tournament around 1992.  I fished in it six years, or so, until I opened a restaurant and didn’t have as much free time.  After selling the restaurant I moved to Sunriver, OR where I lived for five years.  While there I was fortunate to be able to fish the Deschutes River for Steelhead and Redsides Trout.  I really began to learn more about tying Steelhead flies.  I have always enjoyed catching larger fish and had a great experience fishing the many rivers and lakes in central Oregon.  That is where my boys caught their first Rainbow Trout.  I moved from Oregon to Gilbert, AZ where I live now.  I took a trip to the Kenai River in Alaska to fly fish for Silver Salmon and Rainbow Trout and had a great time.  I continue to go back to Baja to fish and recently I decided to fly fish, instead of trolling using heavier gear.  I made a 12 wt. graphite fly rod and purchased a 12 wt. reel (Abel Super 12), rigged it up and started tying salt water flies for my trip.  At sea, my first cast (at a teased-up Sail) I hooked and landed a 70 lb Sailfish.  What a thrill!  We also caught Dorado (with a fly rod) on that trip.  That began my interest in tying salt water patterns.  I fished out of San Diego on an overnight trip with my boys recently, and they had a great time.  Colin landed a 53 lb. Yellowtail and Nolan landed a 30 lb. Dorado- bigger than anything I caught.  Now they’re hooked.    Last year I went down to Marathon, FL to fish with an old friend (Roshkind) and we tried to land Tarpon, Redfish and other species in those waters in the FL Keys.  We caught Speckled Trout, Jack Crevale, Redfish, Hammerhead and snapper.  No Tarpon yet, but I will not give up.  I’m heading back to Baja this October and hope to land a Yellowfin Tuna on my fly rod this trip.  I continue to tie and try to be innovative with patterns that work.