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Chuck Loftis has been tying and casting flies since 1981. Having cut his fly angling teeth on the native rainbow and cutthroat streams of western Oregon, Loftis now enjoys chasing trophy trout from the Rockies to South Dakota's Black Hills to Manitoba's Parkland region. His expertise in fly tying is enjoyed and applied most in stillwater environs. The former fly angling columnist for Dakota Country Magazine, Chuck is also the co-founder of the Missouri Valley Fly Fishers Club. After enjoying the storied lakes of the Laramie Plains in Wyoming and of the North Park and South Park areas of Colorado the past several years, Chuck now resides in Rapid City, South Dakota.
"2018 will be the seventh year I've been using Togen Hooks and - in my opinion and 37 years of tying experience - only Bill Togen can boast that he has cornered both quality and price. 
It has been my pleasure to recommend them to everyone - from veterans to entry-level fly tiers, alike.
With 99% of my fly angling invested in stillwater settings pursuing quality and trophy trout, the Scud 3X Heavy Wire in sizes 8-12 has become my preferred hook for the array of leeches I hang while indicator fishing. Nothing is more frustrating than having a hook straighten out when brutish trout north of 22-inches are on the line. These hooks have not disappointed, performing perfectly!
Also, as an aficionado of baitfish, callibaetis, chironomids, crayfish, and caddis pupa patterns, count me also a big fan of 3X and 4X long Streamer Hooks, Natural Bend, the 1X Long Nymph Hook, Wet Fly, and especially Togen's Curved Nymph 2X Long Heavy Wire hook.
For the number of big-shouldered fish I've managed to the net and apron since 2011, this is an amazing fact about the hundreds of Togen Hooks I've presented: I've never had one fail."