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Rob Buhler

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 I reside in San Juan Capistrano, California. I have been flyfishing and tying flies for fourteen years. I am a very strong advocate of barbless hooks and catch and release practices. Most of my experience has come on the trout rivers, streams, and lakes of California. Most specifically the streams in the San Gabriel Mountains, the Kern River and the great Eastern Sierra Nevada fisheries including Hot Creek, Upper and Lower Owens Rivers, Lake Crowley and many backcountry waters. Recently I have become fascinated with the saltwater fisheries near my home and can often be found fishing local bays, harbors and beaches in Southern California. Species of fish that I can be found chasing regularly would be the obvious Trout(generally the large predatory type that hunt big streamers), Carp, Barracuda, California Halibut, Croakers, Bass(many species fresh and salt), and pretty much anything that I can get to bite a fly. Randall Kaufmann, Bob Clouser and Charlie Craven would have to be the top influences on my tying style and are still educating me today.