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Rick Beck

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Rick has had the opportunity to fly fish all over British Columbia and many of its famous trout waters for the last 20 years. He remembers his first day "fly fishing"...he lost both his spinners in about 30 minutes and found a rusty old hook and attached a couple of feathers to it. He never used a spinner again, and that started this lifelong passion of fly fishing. Rick has a strong desire to see his friends and family succeed on the river and lakes, and will do whatever it takes to make his trips successful. Not only is Rick an experienced fly fisher, he is also an experienced fly tier. He prides himself in tying beautiful flies and developing new trout flies that match the year-round hatches. When Rick isn't chasing trout on local rivers and lakes, you can find him fishing for west coast Salmon, which has made him into a well-rounded fly fisher. In his spare time, Rick enjoys spending time with his wife and kids travelling.