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Francois Nadeau

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Coming from a family with fisheries background in the Gaspésie area, it was only natural for me to follow on my ancenstors footsteps. From the moment I set foot in a river at the age of 5, I could already feel the energy that it brought me. That small St-Omer stream - where my grandfather grew up - changed my life forever. That’s where my love for brook trout started.
Growing up in a big city like Montreal as a kid wasn’t always easy! I had to learn how to fish for warm water species like crappies, small & large mouths, and my favourite, Mr Pike! Later in life, my work as a land surveying technician (aerial photos) took me travelling all over the country and the US visiting hundreds of lakes and rivers chasing trouts and salmons of all kinds. I've been to places like the Thompson River in BC and the Bow in AB, which I visited on a regular basis. I also caught rainbows in the mountains of Ecuador, sea bass in Costa Rica, salmon, halibut and cod offshore back home in British Columbia where I lived from 1995 to 1999. I managed to keep this passion alive throughout my life.
I picked up fly fishing and fly tying along the way around 15 years ago, getting started with one of my dad’s old bamboo fly rod. Later, I took fly casting lessons with instructors coming from different backgrounds and certifications (FFF, Wulff school, European Techniques, etc.), each of them bringing me something different. About 5 years ago, I decided to offer my services as a guide/instructor to share this exciting trout bum lifestyle with others. I not only have a passion for fly fishing but for teaching also. Anyone attending my classes will tell you!
2 years ago, I was contacted by Jean-Pierre Martin in Montreal to start a fly tying project in the Quebec city area for youth in foster care. I had no choice but to accept! Seeing the smile I can put on those kids faces while showing them fly tying is a better cheerful experience than anything else I know of. This year, the project will start this winter after Christmast and will last until the beginning of the fishing season. I just can’t wait.
One day, a famous guide told me: "Experience is not measured in years, as some people only make it three times a year, but the in the number of hours you should be doing something else than fishing!”. I found this comment very refreshing indeed. 
Francois Nadeau