Estaz Petite
Petite Estaz in fish catching colors.


Estaz recommended by internationally known fly fishermen. They call for them in their books and magazines because of their flash, color, and resilience and because they excel in attracting fish.

Here is what some of the fishermen have to say:

Great material for Fritz Flies.

"Estaz®has been and still is the best product of its type on the market. It is kind of funny but I use it so much for every conceivable type of fly that I think I have forgotten how to use other materials"- Fran Verdoliva, Jr.

"Estaz®is the most effective body material I have found for pike, steelhead and salt water patterns."- Steve Probasco

"Estaz®Metallique is easily the most versatile and practical fly tying material I have seen come down the pike in recent years. I've incorporated it in many of my existing patterns." -T. Borski

Like its predecessor Estaz®, Estaz®Grandeis gaining recognition as the best large chenille on the market. Grande is 50% denser, with fiber lengths double that of regular Estaz®. These properties lend itself well to the tying of steelhead, bass, salmon, pike, and saltwater flies. The length even allows use in place of hen hackle in certain patterns for an electrifying effect.

The light reflective body fiber of our Petite Estaz®, a smaller version of our regular Estaz, is available in 38 dazzling colors. Petite Estaz lends itself well to the tying of smaller trout, steelhead, bass, and salmon flies.

Available in:
Petite (10mm) - 3 yards, Regular (20mm) - 3 yards, Grande (30mm) - 1 yard  

Estaz Petite EP12 - Gold

 3 Yard Card 10mm Petite Estaz. 


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