Fly Fishing Supplies

Togens Fly Tying Bead Mat

Orig.: $16.95
Sale: $13.99

Tie-Fast Knot Tyer

Ties all nail knots required for fly fishing and more. A very handy tool for nail knots, nail knot splices and tapered leaders. Makes all your nail knots easy. Gold color.

Orig.: $10.95
Sale: $7.95

Stomach Pump

Stomach Pump. See what your catch is feeding on. Please note this item ships by parcel service only.


Haemostats 4 inch Coated Black Finger Holes

Haemostats stainless steel with coated none slip finger holes 4 inch.

Orig.: $7.95
Sale: $4.95

Haemostat Straight 6 inch

Stainless steel haemostats six inch. Great tool to add to your pin on reel or fly box.

Orig.: $7.95
Sale: $4.99

Haemostats Curved Jaw 6 inch

Stainless steel haemostat with curved jaws.

Orig.: $7.95
Sale: $4.99

Strike indicators six pack 3 small - 3 medium

Six strike indicators three small, three medium and twelve line stakes.

Orig.: $4.99
Sale: $3.99

Line Cleaner

Great for cleaning and lubricating your fly line

Orig.: $3.49
Sale: $2.99

Leader Staightener

A Must Have Item for every fly fisher.

Orig.: $3.49
Sale: $2.99

Pin On Reel Double

Carry two tools with this pin on reel. Clippers & haemostats work well with this reel.

Orig.: $9.95
Sale: $4.95

Clip On Reel C/W clippers Large

Large Pin On Reel comes with line nipper.

Orig.: $9.45
Sale: $4.95

Pin On Reel Single large

Single pin on reel. 

Orig.: $7.95
Sale: $4.95

Pin On Reel C/W Nippers Small

Pin on reel comes with nippers.

Orig.: $7.95
Sale: $4.45

Pin on Reel Small

Pin on reel small. 

Orig.: $7.95
Sale: $3.95

Tippet Rings Black Nickle 5/64 - 2.0mm

Pack of 10 - 2.0mm tippet rings. Come on stainless retainer/holder.


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