Capes & Saddles

Our Capes and Saddles are #2 dry fly quality, they will ty sizes 12 - 20 hooks. Also great for wet fly applications like buggers and wooly worms. Please see both pictures of the hackle in the listing.

Grizzly Badger light color

Nice light color grizzly cape.


Medium color grizzly badger

Nice medium colored grizzly badger cape, just a little darker than the light colored badger.


Dark medium badger cape

Nice dark medium grizzly badger, just a bit darker than the medium color.


Darker medium grizzly bager cape.

Nice darker medium grizzly badger cape. just a bit darker than the dark medium.


Chocolate Cape

Very nice chocolate cape.


Grizzly Saddle

#2 grizzly saddle.


Cream Saddle

#2 Cream Saddle.


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