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Togen Hooks are premium fly tying hooks. ..

Togen Curved Nymph Hook Review.


   Our Feature Product.

fly tying hooks

 Our hooks are custom manufactured to exact specifications under strict quality control procedures. The hook sizes are the same as all leading brands. The high grade carbon steel wire is specifically manufactured by the top steel producing mill in the country. They offer the highest quality of wire possible to maintain a strong material that is suited for consistency of bending, sharpening and heat treating.

Togen hooks are precision sharpened at the precise specified angle to maintain integrity of the hook point plus at that perfect angle for easy penetration. The chemical sharpening process is done in a chemical bath giving the hooks that sticky sharp point.  Bronzing is done to minimize rusting. 

Togen hooks have a very small barb for easy penetration or easy to pinch for the catch and release fisherman.

Use Togen Hooks with confidence.

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Top quality hooks at  great prices.

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Bottle Neck Tubes

Turbo cones


Cool Bead's - Premium Bead's - Standard Bead's

Brown magic beads cool  Fluo Chartreuse bead heads Red Bead Heads  Fluorescent Pink Bead Heads

                                                Purple Bead Heads 




   fly tying flash

fly tying flash red

    Togens Fly Tying Flash 

We have seen a lot of fly tying flash materials over our years of fly tying, but none like this. This is the most incredible flash material we have ever seen. It shines, sparkles, glows and changes colors in directional sunlight plus it has a fluorescent look. The stands are about the size of moose main hairs and are 14 inches long. This is a must have for all fly tyers. Put some sparkle in your patterns attract the fish, a few of strands will do the trick.



beads fly tying







  Togens bead heads

We have a selection of standard tying beads which are made of brass then plated or painted. We also have a selection of premium (Cool) tying beads, these beads are manufactured using state of the art equipment, keeping close tolerances, the plating process is new technology using a galvanic coating, these beads are very bright and stay that way even if used in salt water. We stock a good selection of sizes and colors.




 Crystal chenille 

20 colors and 4 sizes to choose from. Use this Crystal Chenille for your Bullbog patterns. 



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