Bright Metalic Rainbow
Another New Cool Bead

 A great new multi colored bead to add to your collection. This bead changes color with the amount of sunlight it receives and depth of water it is fished in.

Rainbow bead report from one of our Pro Stafff members.

 Hey Bill,
Just wanted to let you know that I tested those beads this week. First cast with a rainbow bead head caddis pupa and I had a fish on in less than 3 seconds. I barely had enough time to get the slack out of the line. After that it was regular action while I had the fly on. I liked that the takes were more aggressive than on other flies without the rainbow beads. I'll be using them in the future.


Cool Rainbow bead brass 1/16 - 1.5mm

 25 beads to a pack. 


Cool Rainbow bead brass 5/64 - 2.0mm

 25 beads to a pack. 


Cool Rainbow bead brass 3/32 - 2.4mm

 25 beads to a pack. 


Cool Rainbow Bead brass 1/8 - 3.2mm

25 beads to a pack. 


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