fly tying hooks, fly hooks combo pack, scuds, nymphs, streamers, dry fly, natural bend, hopper, wet fly hooks we have all the popular syles and sizes of hooks.
Togen Hooks, affordable tying hooks, quality hooks, chemically sharpend and bronzed.

Togen Hooks are premium fly tying hooks.

Fly Tying Hooks Combo Packs

Togen Hooks are premium fly tying hooks. Pick your required styles and sizes 1000 fly tying hooks.

Hooks Combo Packs


For scuds, chironomids, midges, buzzers, nymphs etc., a nice heavy fly tying hook

Scud Hook

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Scud 3X Heavy







Tube Fly Hook

A fly hook for all your  Tube Flies.

Tube Fly Hook

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For emergers, chironomids, midges, buzzers, etc. a nice light wire fly tying hook.

Emerger Hook

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Dry Fly Hooks

A nice light wire hook for your standard dry fly patterns.

Dry Fly Hook

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Natural Bend

Gives your nymph patterns that natural look.

Natural Bend Hook

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Special curve and light wire for (hoppers etc.) terrestrial floating patterns.

Terrestrial Hook

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Wet Fly Hooks

A nice light wire nymph hook for sub surface patterns or dry flies.

Wet Fly

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Wet Fly 1X Short 2X Strong

 Great hook for any pattern that fish strike hard like waterboatmen and leaches. Nice short shank that will not work itself free when fighting the fish.

Wet Fly 1X Short 2X Strong.

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Nymph hooks 1X long

One times long standard nymph fly tying hook.

1X Nymph hook

click on picture.nymph 1X fly hook

Nymph hooks 2X long

2X long nymph fly tying hook, one hook eye longer than  1X Nymph Hook. 

2X Nymph Hook

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Curved Nymph

Streamer hooks 3X long

Great fly tying hook for any nymph or streamer fly pattern.

Streamer 3X Long Hook

click on picture.streamer 3X fly hook

Streamer hooks 4X long

4X long Streamer fly tying hook. 

4X Long Streamer Hook

click on picture.streamer 4X fly hook

Salmon Steelhead Hooks

A great stainless steel hook.

Stainless Steel Salmon/Steelhead Hook

click on picture.stainless steel hooks

Black up eye salmon/steelhead hooks

Black Up Eye Salmon/Steelhead Hooks.

Black Up Eye Hook

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Jig Hook 60 degree

Togen Jig Hooks 60 degree.

Top quality, premium hooks, best prices. 

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